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We started this journey somewhere in 2017 in the lush green countryside of Aveyron, searching for our own little hideaway, to recharge and unwind. We were covered in mud and soaked from the rain when Maurice, a local, took us on a drive through the cloudy foothills of the Conques Valley to the village of Bessayrie. ‘'What’s in a name, worth checking it out’' we thought. Arriving at La Bessayrie, we saw an abundance of untouched nature, abandoned houses, some sheds, and one quite remarkable tree. Nature had gone wild. The story goes that there had not been a living soul for more than 10 years. We only needed to make eye contact to know our gut feeling was mutual:
this place is something else and we want to be part of it. 


Time went by and with the ethos of always looking on the bright side of life, we decided to let go of our Michelin-star restaurant Het Land in Belgium, and decided what else is out there to explore. So we left the shore. Literally and figuratively. 


When we bought Bessayrie, friends and family were not surprised when we came up with another renovation project. A fair amount of bottles of wine have passed by the revue while brainstorming about our exciting new chapter. Those who know, know: plans changed a few times throughout the years, let’s say a lot - we just couldn’t stop talking about it. Seeing where we come from and where we are now gives us the fullest heart and lets us experience an overload of gratitude that we can’t even put into words. Together with a bunch of beautiful souls that we are fortunate to call our friends & family, we are renovating and building Bessayrie with our own fair hands. This is what makes Bessayrie, Bessayrie and that’s why we love it that much. 

Now 5 years later, we are so ready to share this all with you and to welcome your warm company as of May 18 this Summer.
We can't wait to see you.

We wish la Bessayrie gives you as much joy as it gives us every day. 

Warm greetings, 

Mira & Steven Bes

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