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        Camino de Santiago

La Grange des Pèlerins  

You find la Bessayrie on the Via Podiensis (GR65) right before Noailhac, the first village after the picturesque Conques.


After a day of taking in the stunning scenic surrounds, head back to La Grange des Pèlerins, put your feet up and watch the sun setting in the Conques valley. La Grange des Pèlerins features a communal sleeping facility with 8 single beds, lounge area and in- & outdoor shower.


Join in on our family dinner La Grande Bouffe in La Cuisine, where food, wine and conversations flow while bonding with other guests.


Find pricing info below

8 single beds

Lounge area

Indoor & outdoor shower

Free shuttle service for pilgrims in Conques at the Roman bridge or on the GR65 in Noailhac

Bed & Food*: €48/night (*dinner & breakfast)
Extra service
Bed linen: € 5
Laundry service: € 5

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